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Product Applications

IMC is committed to making lives easier, more secure and more productive through a better connected and smarter world. Investing in cutting-edge technologies to achieve this goal is not just a practice but a habit at IMC.

Enterprise Secured Network

The right solutions for a complex global space

Single platform to manage all your connected devices.

Policy management based on location, network, segmentation and contextual data management.�

Integrates with 3rd party MDM solutions for Enterprises.

Alerts and notifications for risk Management.

Tightly coupled with 3GPP infrastructure for authentication and bearer access across various wireless network types.

Identity Management and Trust

Authentication, validation, audit, privacy, security and reputation are vital to the successful deployment of connected machines and devices.

IMC is constantly developing innovative solutions to address this critical new area, relying on globally proven GSM protocols to integrate non-GSM components easily.

IMC identity management solutions are secure and network technology agnostic.

Internet Of Things

IMC has been a leader in mobile connected device management for more than a decade

IMC leverages tools and processes designed throughout our 20 years of experience to connect your things and devices for management, logistics and monitoring.

Because IMC has established relationships with international and domestic carriers, we can link IOT service providers to the networks required by their application sets.

Using our GSM network, Viking Wireless, and our worldwide carrier and ecosystem relationships, our global e-SIM can connect and enable machines, virtually everywhere.

  • Technology hub for internetworking
  • Interoperability of Wi-Fi, GSM and landline

  • e-SIM
  • Security keys, integrated to enterprise supply chain
  • Multi dynamic IMSI

  • Audit
  • CRM, OSS, BSS, Finance

Smart City Builder

Solution innovation in IoT

Imagining a solution is a major challenge, building it is harder

Taking IOT to the next level, our platform contains features designed to deliver true application enablement. IMC architecture is completely open, yet fully secure, allowing developers to use any programming language they wish without the constraints of a typical design environment. IMC takes an anti-platform approach to application enablement - open, flexible, multi-lingual, accessible.

Through this approach, applications can easily and efficiently address multiple devices having disparate protocols. And, a device can support multiple applications running independently. As an added value with our architecture, applications no longer need to be rewritten or modified to support a new device that enters the market. Thus, once an application is built, it is future-proof from innovation in device evolution.

Security, privacy and integral identity management, globally and across different networking protocols, like no one else.

  • Technology hub for internetworking
  • Interoperability of Wi-Fi, GSM and landline

  • e-SIM
  • Security keys, integrated to enterprise supply chain

  • Audit
  • CRM, OSS, BSS, Finance

Smart City Solutions Lab

Unlike other mobile operators, IMC works interactively with IT leaders at enterprises and OEMs to design, build and test proprietary solutions, using a live network environment in Akureryi

IMC has designated Akureyri, Iceland’s second city, as a lab environment to test and demonstrate smart city applications in a live environment

IMC works with its clients and ecosystem partners to build real-life products and solutions for live demonstration in the Akureryi Smart City

Advisory & Consulting Services

Designing and enabling mobile Digital Transformation, one customer at a time.

Consultative innovation is in our DNA. We love to solve tough problems for individual clients that larger operators simply cannot or will not manage. IMC breaks the mould, but not the standards.

Our mobility, networking and software engineering teams can create or modify solutions that fit your connectivity needs and back office systems.

IMC can enable any business to be their own mobile network operator. With dedicated IMSI and MSISDN-ranges, you can have full control of connectivity and security for your business or customers.

The Company

Intelligent Protocol Agnostic Connectivity and Management

IMC is a licensed, facilities-based GSM mobile network, specialized at developing and delivering enhanced solutions for leading enterprise customers

Since the year 2000, IMC Iceland has provided innovative mobile services to carriers, government and enterprise customers around the world

We simplify complexity with a range of managed wholesale C2C mobile networking services and solutions (X2X and N2N)

IMC Global Internet Of Things Platform


185 countries

85% world population


422 roaming tie-ups


Scalable and reliable Software Defined Network

IMC Global Internet Of Things Platform

Who We Are

Leadership, Flexibility, Reliability, Innovation, Conviction

We are a team of telecom experts connecting people and things across the globe using cutting edge cross protocol networking and management technologies.

Since 1996, IMC has solved key challenges that limited mobile technology by being ahead of the market and specializing in bridging disparate telecom protocols. We were the first provider to offer a solution for GSM/CDMA cross-protocol roaming. But we connect more than people. We have worked in the IOT market for 15 years and developed solutions used across many markets and sectors today.

IMC has built and operated global mobile managed services operations for Blackberry, GE, CSFB, Accenture, the Pentagon, White House, Bell South, Verizon, Nextel, NTT, Verisign and many others.

IMC is dedicated to building cutting edge technology solutions and enabling growth in our connected ecosystem. We love to solve problems and simplify complexity.

What We Do

We have always been “out of the box” thinkers at IMC, specializing in telco-grade global mobile digital solutions. Our communications solutions are GSM/3GPP based and thus take advantage of the worlds fastest and most extensive mobile networks. But we don’t stop there; IMC is passionate about interoperability between major technologies, licensed and unlicensed.

We design and deliver enterprise-edge Digital Transformation solutions. IMC has made its reputation by taking a geography and protocol agnostic approach to digital networking through carrier grade connectivity and security hubbing.

IMC Global Internet Of Things Platform
IMC Global Internet Of Things Platform

Our Digital Toolbox

  • 3GPP/GSM compliant core network
  • Software Defined Network SDN integration for networks and enterprises
  • Enterprise-level GSM SIM and security key management
  • Protocol agnostic network edge device authentication
  • Identity validation, authentication and management
  • Over the Air (OTA) SIM programming
  • Bootstrap IMSI, enables swap to any mobile operator
  • Multifactor remote authentication management

Why Us

Key components of IMC's value added solutions are provided to our MNO, enterprise and OEM customers via our ecosystem. Our network is comprised of all elements required for deploying global connectivity.

For our ecosystem partners, IMC provides a full suite of development APIs, Standards, and libraries to aid them in integrating their solution element to the IMC global IOT fabric. One integration and one certification create a global addressable market for the ecosystem partner.

IMC Global Internet Of Things Platform